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Looking Out For Salivary Gland Cancer
Looking Out For Salivary Gland Cancer
Sometimes occurring as a painless lump or numbness in the jaw, the signs of salivary gland cancer can be overlooked. Here’s what to look out for.

Ear, nose and throat cancers are a group of cancers that affect the soft tissues and other structures in the head and neck region. In Singapore, the top three types of head and neck cancers are nasopharyngeal cancer (nose cancer), thyroid cancer and lymphoid cancer (which often occurs in the neck).

Less common, but no less significant, is salivary gland cancer. This cancer occurs most commonly in the largest salivary glands, called the parotid glands, located just in front of the ears. Salivary gland growths can also develop in the submandibular glands, which are just below the jawline. In rare cases, tumours can grow in the salivary glands in the roof or base of the mouth, side of the tongue, lining of the lips, and inside the cheeks, nose, sinuses and voice box.

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Thyroid-Head & Neck Surgeon - Prof Christopher Goh
Prof Christopher Goh

Senior Consultant Thyroid-Head & Neck Surgeon
MBBS (Singapore), FRCS (Edinburgh), FRCS (Glasgow), FAMS (ORL)

Prof Goh is a Senior Consultant ENT specialist in Singapore with over 20 years’ experience, both locally and abroad in the UK and Canada under the Health Manpower Development Programme Award and the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Scholarship.

A respected figure in his field, Prof Goh was the Head of the ENT Department at SGH and a founding member of the Asian Society of Head & Neck Oncology. Passionate about training up future ENT doctors, he teaches at the Duke-NUS Medical School and serves as Chairman on the Residency Advisory Committee at the Ministry of Health. A recipient of numerous service awards, Prof Goh’s dedication to his patients and the advancement of his field cannot be overstated.